This code download accompanies the MSDN article, "SharePoint 2010 Data Access Using Silverlight and Web Services." This article describes how to use the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 web services to access and manage data from Microsoft Sliverlight..

From the article:

This article focuses on a marketing department within the fictitious company Adventure Works, which is managing and making its assets available through a team site in SharePoint. The team decided to enhance the user experience by providing a rich user interface that uses Silverlight for the browsing and administration of approved products and graphical assets. Using SharePoint workflows and a tasks list, marketing department members create requests for the assets from the graphic design team. After the graphic design team submits the asset, the contents are reviewed first by the marketing team and then by the legal team before they can become available to the broader company as an approved version. A simple sequential workflow built in Microsoft Visual Studio marks the asset as approved after the legal and marketing approval dates have been set. The example in this article provides a view and edit mode for products and uses the SharePoint WebServices API to manage the items in this list.

Note: This sample and the article that it accompanies were contributed by Wrox.

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