Helps the user get started with Visual Studio Lightswitch and the Free Community Edition of the Xpert360 Lightning Data Extension for Dynamics CRM online and On-Premise.
The Lightning Series Adapter for Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise, for Visual Studio Lightswitch allows an easy and rapid connection from Visual Studio to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for up to 40 of the key entities. 

The Adapter supports full CRUD capability and may also be used as an OData Data source in Microsoft Visual Studio. 
Our Lightswitch Data Extension for Dynamics CRM takes the complexity out of adding Dynamics CRM to your LightSwitch Applications. Suitable for both the Beginner through to the Advanced Developer, add Dynamics CRM content to your solutions with a minimum of effort.
Simply install the Community extension, add your configuration string, and create a LightSwitch screen using one of the many CRM entities. 
To help get you started we have created a sample application using both the HTML5 and Silverlight Client in one single solution.

Building the Sample

Requires Visual Studio 2012 and a a free copy of the Dynamics CRM data Extension from Xpert360.


This sample includes Activities, Accounts and Contacts screens in both HTML and Silverlight Clients, including an additional configuration screen for connection information.