Get To WP Mango #1 - From XNA Game to SL / XNA Game

This sample demonstrates how to upgrade an existing Windows Phone XNA game to leverage the new, Silverlight / XNA hybrid projects available in Windows Phone Mango.It accompanies the video available on Channel 9 at:

C# (891.7 KB)
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  • the hybrid version?
    2 Posts | Last post November 15, 2011
    • I notice that the code link here is only for the XNA version, not the hybrid Silverlight/XNA.
      Is there a link to the new hybrid version?  
      I spent a long time trying to understand how state management works from the example program.  Translating that example to hybrid is beyond my skill.  I was hoping to find a hybrid with that on board.
      thanks!  (very very good video)
    • Ah! Nevermind, I found it in Get to Mango #2.