How to open a WCF RIA Services application to other type of clients

We’re going to see in this series of tutorials/articles how to expose a standard application based on the .NET 4.0 WCF RIA Services framework and Silverlight 4 to other type of clients like: Excel, standard web-apps, WPF, Windows Phone 7 & a HTML5/jQuery application.

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  • Unable to launch default "mediaplayerlauncher" controls to live streaming video(a channel's manifest URL : http://....../Manifest)
    1 Posts | Last post April 18, 2014
    • I am trying to develop a smooth streaming application for a channel to support Windows Phone 7.  I have been provided with a URL (http://....../Manifest). I was able to create using the instructions mentioned in the below link :
      I successfully developed until the below step. Insertion of the media element.
      <SSME:SmoothStreamingMediaElement AutoPlay="True" x:Name="SmoothPlayer"
       SmoothStreamingSource="http://<ServerName>/BigBuckBunny.ism/Manifest" Grid.Row="0" />
      I wish to add controls using "mediaplayerlauncher". But the live stream could not be played if the controls appeared on the screen or vice versa. Could anyone please suggest the way to launch :mediaplayerlauncher for the live streaming URL(http://....../Manifest)? 
      I use "Visual Studio Express 2010 for Windows Phone" trial version downloaded through the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 from the below link :
      Please help.