A LightSwitch HTML Picture Manager

This is a Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Picture File Manager that uses WCF RIA Services to upload and view files on the web server. Using WCF RIA Services allows the application to provide fast performance by using thumbnails stored on the server hard drive when displaying lists, and the full original image when the user selects it.

WCF RIA Services allow the code to be clear and easy to understand because it exposes entities that appear as normal tables, yet it is saving and reading pictures from the hard drive.

The LightSwitch project is a normal LightSwitch HTML project with a WCF RIA Service. The WCF RIA Service saves  the images to the server hard drive and reads the images from the server hard drive.  It exposes two entities, UserPictures and BigPictures. Both entities look at the same files on the server hard drive. The reason there are two, is that BigPictures is used when we want to display the original image. UserPictures is used when we want to display the image thumbnails (this provides faster performance when viewing a list of pictures).


A Powerful Framework

WCF RIA Services allow us to create complex functionality and expose it as entities. This allow us to write the JavaScript layer using relatively straightforward code.


Full Tutorial

LightSwitch HTML Picture Manager Using WCF RIA Services


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