This sample demonstrates how to extend Quick Launch and add a search provider to search outside Tools Options / Menus / Open Documents (the built-in providers).


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Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2013 SDK

Download and Install


Building and Running

To build and execute the sample, press F5 after the sample is loaded. This will launch the experimental hive which will demonstrate the sample's function.

Getting Started

Once this sample is installed, when using Quick Launch, MSDN is one of the search providers for which results are displayed. You will also see MSDN Search in Tools Options > Quick Launch under the list of providers. To scope search to MSDN, prefix search string with @msdn, e.g. "@msdn Hello World".

Project Files

File Name


MSDNSearchPackage This file contains the ExtensionPointPackage implementation. Declares the supported extension points (the Quick Launch search provider). It also is responsible for declaring About Box registration data.
MSDNSearchProvider This file contains the search provider implementation. The class implements the IVsSearchProvider interface that enables Quick Launch integration.
MSDNSearchTask This class derives from Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.VsSearchTask and implements the task used to perform the actual searches. It queries the MSDN online server, process the returned RSS feed and creates search results to be displayed in the Quick Launch popup.
MSDNSearchResult This class represents a search result from MSDN Search category. It exposes properties such as DisplayText, Tooltip, and implements the action to be executed when the search result is selected by the user.
Guids This is the list of command IDs that the sample defines
Resources (.resx/.Designer.cs) These files are used to support localized strings and search results icons.
Resources\ResultsIcon.ico This file defines the icon to be used for the search results in MSDN category
Resources\Product.ico This file defines the icon to be used for the product, in About Box and in Extensions and Updates dialog.
VSPackage.resx This file is used to support localized strings and images for About Box registration.
Example.MSDNSearch.png This file defines the preview image to be used by the VSIX extension in the Extensions and Updates dialog.


Function Status
Demonstrates Accessibility No
Demonstrates Error Handling Yes
Follows SDK Coding Standards No
Demonstrates Localization No
Implements Functional Tests No
Samples supported by Microsoft Yes
Implements Unit Tests No