Association launching sample

This sample shows you how to launch the user's default app for file type or a protocol. You can also learn how to enable your app to be the default app for a file type or a protocol.

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  • Solution fails to open in VS 2013
    1 Posts | Last post May 18, 2015
    • I'm getting the following unhelpful message when I try to open this in VS 2013.
      This version of Visual Studio is unable to open the following projects. The project types may not be installed or this version of Visual Studio may not support them.
  • File Launch Failed
    1 Posts | Last post May 20, 2013
    • I can get the SDK example to launch any desktop apps.  It always reports "Failed to launch" in output section of the screen and no app is launched.  I'm trying to get a metro app to launch a decktop app and I can't get it working.  I'd love to see an example that works.  There is not enough information to debug.
  • Handle protocol activation by same app
    1 Posts | Last post October 30, 2012
    • I'm using a WebView and I'm loading some Content into it with links starting with "mylink://".
      To catch the Navigation to those links I added a protocol activation for "mylink", which works perfect.
      My only problem is, that the app asks the user if he wants to change the app:
      "MyApp tries to open MyApp". How can I supress this message, because I actually stay in my app?
  • Filehandle?
    1 Posts | Last post October 18, 2012
    • Is it possible to get some sort of file handle?
      E.g. I launch a docx from my app, the user changes a letter, saves the file and closes it. Can I get notified after the other application closes its handle?
  • Open a PDF file from URI
    1 Posts | Last post June 28, 2012
    • Is there a way to open the PDF with the default PDF viewing program whereby the PDF must be loaded from an URI before (with a metro app coded in JavaScript and HTML)? I tried the sample but it crashes on the point where "getResultsOfAsyncOp(op)" should return the result. Is this due to wrong CORS settings on the server side?
  • Exceptions
    3 Posts | Last post April 11, 2012
    • Can you briefly explain the details around how and why you handled exceptions in this case?
    • The API throws exceptions when the launch fails. For example, if multiple handlers for the launched type are installed, the user may be presented with a dialog to chose which handler to use. If the user cancels the dialog instead of selecting a handler, the API will throw an exception.
    • The behavior of this API changed in the consumer preview. The API no longer throws on failed launches and instead returns a "false" Boolean. It may still throw on invalid arguments.
  • Getting Compilation Error
    1 Posts | Last post February 08, 2012
    • I am trying to compile and run this app (C# version). I'm getting:
      "This Member 'Resources' has more than one item, use the Items property	"
      No File or Line # is given.