Microsoft Band Sensors - Simple Universal Windows App

This is the first Universal Windows sample app for the Microsoft Band targetting VS2015.The Microsoft Band SDK comes with a sample app for VS2013.VS2015, Windows 10 and the Windows 10 SDK have been released so this is to start you going with the latest development tools and the U

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  • Calorie values showing too high
    2 Posts | Last post September 15, 2015
    • When I run this sample with a band attached, I see the calorie values returned in ten's of thousands such as 22873 and so on. However the band shows calories in only few thousands such as 1814 or so. Can you please let me know if I should use some computation to get the calories matching the band value?
      My objective is to identify the calories burnt so far in the given timestamp.
      Thanks in advance,
    • The Band SDK documentation is not very specific on the issue of calorie readings:
      "Calories - Provides the total number of calories the wearer has burned".
      At a guess the value may need adjusting by a factor of x10, x100, or x1000. I hope it is not in another unit, kJ. I will try to do a test...