This sample demonstrates an enterprise-targeted feature for the Windows 8.1 Update that allows touch-friendly apps to use existing legacy code responsible for key business-critical operations. This sample is the Server component; there is also a related Client app sample.


Get the Client component of this sample here

This sample shows you how to:

Create a desktop server component.

This sample is written in C# and requires Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 and Windows 8.1 Update.

The Windows Samples Gallery contains a variety of code samples that exercise the various new programming models, platforms, features, and components available in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 and/or Windows 8.1 Update. These downloadable samples are provided as compressed ZIP files that contain a Visual Studio solution (SLN) file for the sample, along with the source files, assets, resources, and metadata necessary to successfully compile and run the sample. For more information about the programming models, platforms, languages, and APIs demonstrated in this sample, please refer to the guidance, tutorials, and reference topics provided in the documentation available in the Windows Developer Center. This sample is provided as-is in order to indicate or demonstrate the functionality of the programming models and feature APIs for and/or Windows 8.1 Update. Please provide feedback on this sample!

Start and select File > Open > Project/Solution.

Go to the directory where you downloaded sample. Go to the directory named for the sample, and double-click the Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file.

Press F6 or use Build > Build Solution.

Note: Please see the associated article for complete instructions.

1. Build the EnterpriseIPCServer project.

2. Copy the _reference_ winmd file to the project directory of the EnterpriseIPCApplication side-loaded project.

3. Open the EnterpriseIPCApplication project, and add a reference to Fabrikam.winmd.

4. Build the EnterpriseIPCApplication solution.

5. Copy the _implementation_ winmd file plus ancilliary files (including proxy/stub and msvcr120.dll) to the side-loaded project.

6. Register the sampleproxy.dll with regsvr32.

7. Enter the command: icacls ./T /grant *S-1-15-2-1:RX from the project directory of the EnterpriseIPCApplication project.

8. Launch the EnterpriseIPCApplication app.