C# Windows app uses WM_COPYDATA for IPC (CSReceiveWM_COPYDATA)

CSReceiveWM_COPYDATA and CSSendWM_COPYDATA demonstrate inter-process communication via the WM_COPYDATA windows message in VC#. CSSendWM_COPYDATA sends the data, and CSReceiveWM_COPYDATA receives the data.

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  • Limitation on WM_COPYDATA
    1 Posts | Last post August 17, 2017
    • I'm using this concept to share data between 2 process. One is C# process and another is VB process.
      I'm sending filename as message parameter where actual data is stored. Receiving application will read this file to load actual data.
      What limitation do I need to consider with this concept?
      What other parameter can be used to identify message sent from particular window/process?