Windows hook demo (CSWindowsHook)

The code sample shows how to set up a Windows Hook to hook mouse and keyboard inputs in a VC# application

C# (56.7 KB)
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  • Don't we require a .exe and .dll, two projects?
    1 Posts | Last post July 05, 2016
    • I wanted to write a 64 bit Keyboard Mapping Application (I already had written a 32 bit Borland Delphi Application in past)
      As I understand, we require two projects; 
      First a normal windows form application which will act as the interface to the user and 
      Second a .dll which will actually implement the Global Hook and intercept (and modify) the keys. (I understand, this dll project must be in C++)
      Can we have a sample such two projects? I need to make the app for the 64 bit OSes
      Thanks in advance
      Jaydeep Bhatt