C++ Windows Shell preview handler (CppShellExtPreviewHandler)

The code sample demonstrates the VC++ implementation of a preview handler for a new file type registered with the .recipe extension.

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  • Preview Handler for Outlook 2012
    1 Posts | Last post November 13, 2013
    • Hi,
      I was able to build the sample without problems on a MS Surface Pro1 with Win8.0x64 using VS2012.
      After RegSvr32 either the Win32 or x64 version I was in both cases able to see the .recipe preview in Explorer.exe. That's great! Thanks for that :-)
      However I am wondering if / how it is possible to use the same .recipe preview handler in Outlook 2013?
      I have installed the x64 version of Office Pro Plus on the Surface Pro mentioned above.
      I mailed the .recipe file to myself and checked whether there is an attachment rpeview available in Outlook for this. Unfortunately it wasn't :-(
      I checked Outlook options, TrustCenter settings, Attachment handling, but the .recipe preview handler wasn't listed.
      What is required to get this working?
      Best Regards 
      Andreas Marschall 
      Microsoft MVP for TAPI / Windows SDK / Visual C++ 2003-2008