Elastic DB Tools for Azure SQL - Multi-Tenant Shards

This sample shows how you can use Elastic Database Tools in combination with Row-Level Security to build an application with a highly scalable data tier on Azure SQL Database that supports multi-tenant shards, using ADO.NET SqlClient and/or Entity Framework.

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  • Connection Sharing?
    2 Posts | Last post April 30, 2015
    • It was my understanding that the shard map can re-use connections. Does the context_info still get applied correctly in that scenario?
    • The Elastic DB shard map infrastructure will use connection pooling in the same way as ADO.Net, and is not affected by context_info settings.  Connections opened via the shard map remain dedicated to the application session until logically closed.  When a new logical connection is opened, any available physical connection in the pool can be reused and the context-info will be reset. -- Stuart Ozer