HTML WebView control sample

This sample demonstrates how to use WebView.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="">
    <title>Scenario 3: Navigate to app state</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/3_NavToState.css" />
    <script src="/js/3_NavToState.js"></script>
    <div data-win-control="SdkSample.ScenarioInput">
        <p>The WebView control can also navigate to HTML stored in the local and temporary app state directories. To insulate the HTML from other data in the app state directories, a given web page can only access data within the first state sub-directory or deeper sub-directories. For example, the web page shown below is stored in ms-appdata:///local/NavigateToState/simple_example.html, and is separated from content within /local/data/ and /temp/html/. For more details on application state, see the <a href="">Application data sample</a>.</p>
        <p>Click the "Load HTML" button to load an HTML file from the local app state directory in the webview control.</p>
        <button id="loadButton">Load HTML</button>
    <div data-win-control="SdkSample.ScenarioOutput" id="outputContainer">
        <x-ms-webview id="webview"></x-ms-webview>