HTML WebView control sample

This sample demonstrates how to use WebView.

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// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

#pragma once

namespace SDK
namespace WebViewSampleCpp
    public ref class StreamUriResolver sealed : public Windows::Web::IUriToStreamResolver
        virtual Windows::Foundation::IAsyncOperation<Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^>^ UriToStreamAsync(Windows::Foundation::Uri^ uri);


    // IAsyncOperation implementation to be returned from UriToStreamAsync. This class is used instead of create_async
    // because Parallel Patterns Library (PPL) will marshal any calls back to the original thread. The async operation for UriToStreamAsync can
    // complete and call the completed handler on a different thread than the operation was started on. StreamResolvers that are loading many
    // resources at the same time can manifest in multiple completions occuring at the same time on the original thread and therefore preventing
    // optimal parallelization of the work.
    public ref class StreamRetrievalOperation sealed : public Windows::Foundation::IAsyncOperation<Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^>

        void Start(Windows::Foundation::Uri^ uri);

        virtual Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^ GetResults();
        virtual void Close();
        virtual void Cancel();

        property Windows::Foundation::AsyncOperationCompletedHandler<Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^>^ Completed {
            virtual Windows::Foundation::AsyncOperationCompletedHandler<Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^>^ get();
            virtual void set(Windows::Foundation::AsyncOperationCompletedHandler<Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^>^ value);

        property unsigned int Id {
            virtual unsigned int get() { return 1; }

        property Windows::Foundation::AsyncStatus Status {
            virtual Windows::Foundation::AsyncStatus get() { return _asyncStatus; }

        property Windows::Foundation::HResult ErrorCode {
            virtual Windows::Foundation::HResult get() { return _errorCode; }

        void TransitionToCompleted(Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^ inputStream);
        void TransitionToError(Platform::COMException^ exception);
        void FireCompletion();

        Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^ _result;
        Windows::Foundation::AsyncOperationCompletedHandler<Windows::Storage::Streams::IInputStream^>^ _completedHandler;
        Windows::Foundation::AsyncStatus _asyncStatus;
        Windows::Foundation::HResult _errorCode;
        bool _firedCompletion;
        bool _isClosed;


} // namespace WebViewSampleCpp
} // namespace SDK