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using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace Microsoft.ConsultingServices.COM
	#region Enumeratons Constants and Struct Defintions
	// Information for the values of these constants is derived from the follwoing header files
	// MsHtmdid.h
	// MsHtmcid.h

	// a class defined for constant defintions realting to COM interop
	internal class CommandGroup
		public static Guid CGID_MSHTML = new Guid("de4ba900-59ca-11cf-9592-444553540000");

	} //CommandGroup

	// HRESULT codes for COM Interop
	// basic values and those used are defined
	internal struct HRESULT
		public const int S_OK = 0;
		public const int S_FALSE = 1;

		public const int E_PENDING = unchecked((int) 0x8000000A);

		public const int E_NOTIMPL = unchecked((int) 0x80004001);
		public const int E_NOINTERFACE = unchecked((int) 0x80004002);
		public const int E_POINTER = unchecked((int) 0x80004003);
		public const int E_ABORT = unchecked((int) 0x80004004);
		public const int E_FAIL = unchecked((int) 0x80004005);
		public const int E_ACCESSDENIED = unchecked((int) 0x80070006);
		public const int E_HANDLE = unchecked((int) 0x80070006);
		public const int E_INVALIDARG = unchecked((int) 0x80070057);

		public const int E_UNEXPECTED  = unchecked((int)0x8000FFFF);


	// Command options for the web browser ExecWB and Exec commands
	internal enum CommandOption

	} //CommandOption

	// Options that can be defined that affect the browser operations
	// Set through the use of the Exec command
	internal enum CommandId
		IDM_NOACTIVATEJAVAAPPLETS              = 2334,
		IDM_NOFIXUPURLSONPASTE                 = 2335

	} //CommandId

	// OLECMD struct
	[ComVisible(true), StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)]
	internal struct OLECMD
		int    cmdID;
		int    cmdf;



namespace Microsoft.ConsultingServices.COM.IOleCommandTarget
	#region COM Interop Interface Definitions

	// NOTE
	// The implementations uses the PreserveSig attribute to prevent exception throwing
	// thus allowing the caller to analyze the HRESULT.
	// To revert to exception throwing remove the attribue and change the return type to void 

	// IOleCommandTarget interface 
	[ComVisible(true),  ComImport(), Guid("b722bccb-4e68-101b-a2bc-00aa00404770"),
	InterfaceType(ComInterfaceType.InterfaceIsIUnknown)	]
	internal interface IOleCommandTarget
		int QueryStatus(
			ref Guid pguidCmdGroup,
			uint cCmds,
			[MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPArray, SizeParamIndex = 1)] OLECMD prgCmds,
			ref IntPtr pCmdText);

		int Exec(
			ref Guid pguidCmdGroup,
			uint nCmdID,
			uint nCmdExecOpt,
			ref object pvaIn,
			ref object pvaOut);

	} //IOleCommandTarget