MediaStreamSource streaming sample

This sample demonstrates how to use the new MediaStreamSource API to stream a MPEG-Layer 3 (MP3) audio file. The media stream source API are in the Windows.Media.Core namespace.

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  • How to render it to storage file ?
    1 Posts | Last post March 17, 2015
    • how can one save the mediastreamsource to file like mediacomposition ?
  • If pause the song a long time, will not be played.
    1 Posts | Last post November 25, 2014
    • I detect the problem.
      I use the MediaStreamSource play the song, and I pause it a long time.
      When I press play, I effect the song be played, but it isn't, I need repeat play, pause some times to play it.
      what happend? 
      the process had be invoke Starting Event, and set SetActualStartPosition.
      but it still not play.
  • Play, Pause, Stop don't work
    2 Posts | Last post November 09, 2012
    • We took this example project and plugged our own MediaStreamSource object into it.  We've got video/audio playback working fine but oddly enough when we use the Play(), Pause(), or Stop() methods of the MediaElement object they don't do anything.  Is there something else we need to do so we can get those basic player controls working again?
    • Hey, salabas, could you please explain how do you got video playback working with that sample project??? And what kind of audio you are successfully playing? As far as I understand, that sample demonstrates only the technique; technically, it works with uncompressed PCM audio samples only.
      Could you share your solution, please? I'm interested in H.264/AAC playback.
  • What is this sample meant to do?
    1 Posts | Last post November 07, 2012
    • I've downloaded this sample, built it and then?
      I press Start, I press Stop, nothing happens? Why? What is meant to happen?
      The description states, that this is not a full implementation, but a bit more than this might not have hurt ;-)