Merging/Copying worksheets difference excel files

in cases merging excel files or copying worksheets from differect excel files are confuising, in this sample I will show hot to copy worksheets from different excel files and put them in one file. in this sample I assume that there are only one worksheet in each excel file. the i

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  • What if I want to paste the data into a single worksheet?
    1 Posts | Last post September 10, 2018
    • The code is pretty fast. But I faced issues while working with .xls files.
      Also I have one more thing. Say, I have around 200 files. I want to copy each files data into the first sheet of the destination file. I copied first file into the first sheet of the destination file. Now while copying the second sheet, instead of creating a new sheet in the workbook, I want to append the data into the first sheet only. Just below the copied data of the first file. Can we do it?