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The Photo Store demo is an end to end rich-client application that uses several different features of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The user interface (UI) takes advantage of many styling techniques in order to create a visually attractive and interesting UI. Subtle animation effects are used to enhance the user experience, and draw attention to specific UI elements. Photo editing support is included, demonstrating the ability to rotate, crop, or turn an image to black and white. Multi-level undo of photo operations is also supported.

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Building the Sample

Running the Sample


The sample includes a shopping cart feature which is for demonstration purposes only. Photos and products in the demonstration application are not actually for sale.

Keyboard commands are supported in the application for navigation purposes. The arrow keys can be used to select a photo. The tab key supports navigation to and from the various portions of the UI.

In order to crop a portion of an image, simply drag the mouse over a portion of the image while holding down the left mouse button. This will draw a yellow border around the selected portion of the image (the intended crop region). The Crop button will then be available to you.

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