Popup Control in universal application Windows 10

Today we will discuss the Popup control of XAML files in universal Applications. Completing the project requires the following: Visual Studio 2015, which supports universal Windows app projects.

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  • How to use pop control to show an error message from MVVM mode
    1 Posts | Last post October 08, 2016
    • I want to use popup control to show an error message for a button click, could you please let me know is it possible to do that.
              <Popup x:Name="pop" IsOpen="False" Width="300" HorizontalAlignment="Left" IsLightDismissEnabled="True">
                          <PaneThemeTransition Edge="Top"/>
                  <Grid Width="300" Height="{Binding ElementName=flyoutPane, Path=Height}"  Background="{ThemeResource FlyoutBackgroundThemeBrush}" >
                          <TextBlock Text="{Binding ErrorMessage}" Foreground="Red" FontSize="20" Height="180"/>
                          <Button x:Name="btnOk" Content="Ok" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" Click="btnOk_Click"/>
      1.how can we trigger this popup with the binding error message from mvvm.
      Thanks in advance.