Side-by-Side Hosting of Two Versions of a Workflow Using WorkflowServiceHost

The concept of WorkflowIdentity has been introduced in Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5. This identity is stamped on each WorkflowService instance that is created by a host and allows the same WorkflowServiceHost to support multiple versions of a given definition of a Workflow.

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  • Link related to routing service
    1 Posts | Last post March 18, 2013
    • Thanks for your responce,can you please guide me for implementing routing service or send a link which helps in implementation. 
  • Versioning Mapping
    2 Posts | Last post March 16, 2013
    •  Suppose if there are two versions of the workflow, some instances are running on version1 and some on version2 , Is there any way so that we can call version1 workflow instead of version2 for a new instance.
    • The out of the box support for side-by-side versioning with WorkflowServiceHost in WF 4.5 will always route the new requests to the latest version of the service. If you would like to be able to send your requests to different versions based on specific criteria, you would need to build your own routing service based on those criteria.