Support of WF 4.5 Designer Improvements in Rehosted Scenarios

This sample illustrates how the following new WF 4.5 features could be enabled when rehosting the WF designer: outline view of workflow items, designer annotations, multi-select, auto-surround with sequence, pan mode, toolbox search

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  • Opt in features - unclear what some of them do
    2 Posts | Last post July 27, 2012
    • Hi Hani,
      this is a very useful sample. It didn't take long to enable them in our rehosted Designer.
      Some of the opt-in features are not yet documented on MSDN.
      For example:
      designerConfigService.AutoSplitEnabled = true;
      designerConfigService.NamespaceConversionEnabled = true;
      What do these features implement?
    • Hi Mike,
      AutoSpli​tEnabled = true is for enabling the auto-insert feature explained in the following link:
      Namespac​eConversionEnab​led = true is for enabling the conversion of WF 4 namespace formatting to WF 4.5 namespace formatting. If you open a WF 4.5 XAML, you will see "TextExpression.NamespacesForImplementation" tag that you don't see in WF 4 XAML files.