TreeView Control Sample for Windows Phone 8.1

IntroductionWindows phone 8.1 App Sample of TreeView Control using WinRT XAML Toolkit with MVVM can download for WinRTXamlToolkitRefer this to install GalaSoft.MvvmLightDescriptionThis Sample explain you how to get implement treeview control in windows phone 8.1. This

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  • How to propert implement _depth and _branch values for tree view item?
    1 Posts | Last post April 06, 2017
    • Hi. Nice tutorial. I want to implement my own TreeItemModel - one item of structure of catologs about windows phone storage.I can not understand what exactly is _depth and _branch. Can you explain how TreeItemModel works? 
      When I run my project i vs show me something like this:
      This is my code: 
      My TreeItemModel:
      My TreeViewPageViewModel
      Full Project: