Windows Forms designer sample demoed in VB (VBWinFormDesigner)

The code sample demonstrates various typical programming scenarios in Windows Forms Designer

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       WINDOWS FORMS APPLICATION : VBWinFormDesigner Project Overview
                   SmartTagSupport Sample


The SmartTagSupport sample demonstrates how to add smart tags for a control 
at design time.


1. Create a UserControl;

2. Add a reference to the System.Designer.dll;'

3. Create a class derive from the DesignerActionList class;

4. Override the DesignerActionList.GetSortedActionItems method to define 
   smart tag entries and resultant actions.

5. Create a class derive from the ControlDesigner class;

6. Override the ControlDesigner.ActionLists property to populate smart tag menu;
7. Mark the UserControl with Designer attribute to make it use the custom 
   control designer service created by above steps:
   <Designer(GetType(UC_SmartTagSupportDesigner))> _
    Public Class UC_SmartTagSupport
    End Class
6. Build the project.

7. Now the UserControl is available on the toolbox for use.


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