Windows 7 Taskbar Single Instance

The Windows 7 Taskbar includes many new features, and one of these new features is the Taskbar Jump-List, which allows users to perform various application related tasks without ever switching to the application window.Windows 7 Taskbar tasks are simply command lines. When you c

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  • Project with character set: MBCS
    1 Posts | Last post September 09, 2014
    • It´s posible to use this code compile with MBCS? this is the code modified <a href=""> Windows 7 Taskbar Single Instance (mbcs support)</a>
  • Nuget Package
    1 Posts | Last post December 14, 2011
    • Is it possible you can create a nuget package for the distribution of this?  It is a really helpful set of assemblies.  I'd be happy to help you out if needed.