Update History

2014-03-06: Updated for support of latest wordpress, issue with user info retrieval
2013-02-05: Upgraded to Windows Phone 8 and added support for WordPress 3.5
2012-06-27: Updated the default blog URL and ensured that plugin will work with WordPress build 3.4
2012-04-17: Fixed a bug with htmlspecialchars
2012-03-04: Updated viewport support and cleaned up WordPress plugin.
2012-01-10: Merged pull request from Caleb Jenkins and converted ListBox.SelectionChanged events to Tap events
2011-11-16: Addressed a few reported bugs
2011-09-20: Updated to fix some bugs related to proper exiting of the application and back button support.


This starter kit helps you turn a WordPress blog into a Windows Phone application quickly and easily. By uploading a pre-written WordPress plugin and changing one line of configuration file, your Windows Phone application is able to connect to and read from your WordPress blog. All that will remain is the creative theming of your application to match your blog!


To customize the Starter Kit, perform the following actions:

  1. Open the AppConfig.cs file in Visual Studio
  2. Update the following parameters specifiying the location and configuration of your WordPress blog:
    1. SiteURL - the location of your blog
    2. SiteAuthorName - the name of the blog's author
    3. SiteTitle - this shows up in the main Panorama control
    4. SiteEmail - how people can contact you when they have comments or questions
    5. SiteAuthorBlogUserID - for most configurations, this will be "0", but if there are multiple authors in your WordPress blog, this might be a different number. You can find this out by going to your profile page in WordPress when you're logged in as the blog author.

To install the WordPress Plugin

  1. Log into your WordPress blog using an account that has administrative access
  2. Click on the "Plugins" link from the navigation bar on the Dashboard
  3. Click on the "Add New" button on the Plugins page
  4. Select the "Upload" link from those choices presented on the Plugins page
  5. Click the browse button and navigate to the location of the WPSKPlugin.zip (usually <project folder>\WordPressPlugin\WPSKPlugin.zip
  6. Click the "Install Now" button to perform the upload.

Source Code and Contributing to the Starter Kits

The source code for this starter kit is located on GitHub at the following location:


If you are interested in contributing to the WordPress Starter Kit, please follow the instructions on GitHub for submitting a Pull Request found at http://help.github.com/send-pull-requests/.

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