Windows Trigger Start Service Recipe for Managed Code

Windows services enable code to run in the background, even if no user is logged on. These background services provide a lot of useful functionality while minimizing interference with the user’s desktop.If you are developing Windows services, be sure to write them in the most eff

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  • IPAddressAvailabilityTrigger is very limited
    1 Posts | Last post March 26, 2011
    • At this point it looks like the only events that you can listen to IP wise are the first available and last unavailable.  For my particular application I have the need to learn about all available, which I don't see a way to subscribe to with the limited triggers.  After digging around it doesn't look like it's a limitation of the .Net wrapper, rather a limitation of the triggers provided by the OS.  Do you know if there are plans for introducing further triggers for service activation?
      Thank you.