Multi-Tier application with Azure Service Bus

To submit an order for processing, the front end UI component, running in the Web role, needs to interact with the middle tier logic running in the Worker role. Here we’re going to use Service Bus brokered messaging for the communication between the tiers.

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  • Client Being not part of Cloud & send messages to Service Bus
    3 Posts | Last post December 11, 2011
    • Hi, 
      Thank you for the nice article. I have a scenario to implement for one of the requirements and i would like to use Service Bus , WCF. I have a client app that is NOT part of cloud and it needs to send messages to service bus and a  worker role will read the messages from Service Bus, process them and save in SQL Azure. I am wondering, if the client App can directly send messages into Service Bus and let worker role to read off the Service Bus. Or do i need to host a WCF service in WebRole and let client app send messages to WCF Service, which will push messages into Service Bus.
      Please clarify, what the best scenario is to use. the communication from client app to any components in Cloud will be in WAN.
      Appreciate your help and Thanks in Advance.
      Regards, Raj.
    • You could post this question also Forum Connectivity and Messaging - Windows Azure:
    • Hi Raj,
      This is absolutely doable. The way to get this is to create a Service Bus Queue, then use the NetMessagingBinding from your WCF (hosted anywhere you want) to send messages to the Queue. Your worker can then pull messages from the Queue and write to SQL Azure. The following post helps explaing how to use a queue with NetMessagingBinding: