Basis of Neural Networks in Visual Basic .NET

Scope In this article (hopefully, the first of a small series), we'll see how to implement a neural network in Visual Basic .NET, i.e. a model capable of processing input data and adjust its internal mechanics to learn how to produce a desired result. We'll see more on this late

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  • about the code train function
    1 Posts | Last post November 16, 2017
    • hello
      please .. my question is about this part of code
      for(int j = this.Layers.Count - 2; j > 2; j--)
      in a network of 3 layers The error will not be calculated for hidden class neurons because
      j = 3-2 = 1  and it is    < 2
       why is it like that ?
      how will update weight of first layer in this case?