Create BizTalk360 Custom Notification Channel

One of the great new features of the BizTalk360 8.0 release is the possibility to add custom notification channels. This way we can send notifications to any target, like a ticketing system, or a central dashboard like Nagios. Setting up these notification channels is very easy.

C# (338.7 KB)
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    1 Posts | Last post June 30, 2016
    • Hi Eldert
      First of all, thanks for a really nice walk-through :)
      I've implemented your sample and it works nicely - sometimes!! I cannot figure why by some alarms are not being send through my custom notification channel. 
      Looking in BTS360 in the Alert History I see that some of my notification haven't been transmitted but not why.
      I notice the exception handler and the call to "LoggingHelper.Fatal(ex.StackTrace)" and "LoggingHelper.Error(ex.Message);" but and I would suspect to see events show up on the BTS360 host event log.. but I don't.. any clue on how to see these events?