This sample shows how to use the file synchronization provider component of Microsoft Sync Framework.The file synchronization provider is a fully functioning provider that helps an application to synchronize files and folders in NTFS, FAT, and SMB file systems. This sample synchronizes the contents of two folders in a file system.

Required Software

1. Open the FileSyncProviderSample.sln solution in Visual Studio.
2. Build the solution.
3. The application requires command line arguments of the following form:

       FileSyncSample.exe [valid directory path 1] [valid directory path 2]

      * A directory path can be either an absolute path or a path relative to the current
        working directory.

4. To set command line arguments in Visual Studio 2005, click the FileSyncProviderSample Properties item on the Project menu. Click the Debug tab. Enter   the arguments in the "Command line arguments" text box.
5. Run the application from the command line or from within Visual Studio. To see console output in Visual Studio, run the application by pressing CTRL+F5.

For more information on synchronizing files, see Synchronizing Files.

Note: If you use Visual Studio 2010 to compile these samples, you will first need to remove references to the Sync Framework assemblies and then re-add the assembly references to the projects. Otherwise, you will see "type or namespace name could not be found" compilation errors.