Watch the flotsam and jetsam of data that you care about in this WPF based screen saver mash-up of Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Digg and blogs. Using this simple application, you can configure what you want to watch and the speed in which you see it.

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  • error - when clicked save button(in setting)
    2 Posts | Last post May 09, 2011
    • error - when clicked save button(in setting)
      ps. coding to Visual Studio 2010
    • Hi - Thanks for letting me know.  Looks like something broke with the Digg API. Easiest fix is to add the following line to Window1.xaml.cs at line 197:
                  if (this.diggTopicComboBox.SelectedItem != null)
                      Properties.Settings.Default.DiggTopic = this.diggTopicComboBox.SelectedItem.ToString();
      That will allow you to save.  
      I need to investigate what changed in the Digg API -- This code is over 5 years old, BTW...