HDR Tone Mapping with CUDA 5

In this example, for the sake of learning, we are going to butcher some great images. Let's describe the problem first.We are going to take some HDR images and modify their luminosity to lighten them. We could also darken the images, or apply changes only to parts of the images,

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// File: GaussianBlur.h
// Desc: Applies blurring effects to an image.

#pragma once

namespace Bisque
	using cv::Mat;
	using std::function;
	using std::string;
	using std::vector;

	// class GaussianBlur
	class GaussianBlur

		void ApplyFilter(const string& imagePath, const string& outputPath);

		// struct ImageHandle: handles to images on the host
		struct ImageHandle
			Mat originalImage;					// handle to a rgba image
			Mat modifiedImage;					// handle to a modified image

		// struct GuassianFilter: weighted coefficients for gaussian blur function
		struct GaussianFilter
			vector<float> weight;				// array of weights
			int			  width;				// filter width

		// struct KernelMap: pointers to device representations of images
		struct KernelMap
			uchar4*			originalImage;				// rgba image: 4 bytes per image
			uchar4*			modifiedImage;				// modified image
			unsigned char*	red;						// red channel of the original image
			unsigned char*	green;
			unsigned char*	blue;
			unsigned char*	redBlurred;					// red channel of the modified image
			unsigned char*	greenBlurred;
			unsigned char*	blueBlurred;
			float*			filter;						// gaussian filter

		void AllocateChannels		();
		void ComputeConvolutionOnCPU(unsigned char* const blurredChannel, const unsigned char* const inputChannel, int rows, int cols);
		void CreateGaussianFilter	();
		void GaussianBlurOnCPU		(uchar4* const modifiedImage, const uchar4* const originalImage, int rows, int cols);
		void InitializeKernel		(KernelMap& host, const string& imagePath);
		void SaveImageToDisk		(const string& imagePath);
		void VerifyGpuComputation	(const uchar4* const originalImage);

		KernelMap		m_device;
		ImageHandle		m_host;
		GaussianFilter	m_filter;