JavaScript Runtime Edge Hosting Sample

This sample shows how to host the Edge Chakra JavaScript runtime in a non-IE application. The sample demonstrates creating the runtime, running scripts, creating host objects, handling callbacks, handling exceptions, debugging, and profiling.

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  • Suitable for class lib
    1 Posts | Last post December 05, 2015
    • Hi Paul,
      I stumbled into your example when looking for a solution of a problem I have. In my Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP environment I can write Visual Components making use of JavaScript Libraries. Sofar so good. But I also need to run some serverside code which is only allowed in C#. To make use of existing Javascript libraries I would like to define a Class Library using your example code. This way I should be able to make use of a single base code.
       Question-> Do you see any problems by using this in a Class Lib instead of an Commandline Executable?
  • JsRT Edge in Windows 7 with LoadLibrary() & GetProcAddress()
    1 Posts | Last post December 02, 2015
    • Hi Paul,
      First, thank you very much for answering the library script question I posted couple of years ago.  I am really sorry for the delay. I totally forgot about it as the project to upgrade our script host was put on hold.  Well, now it is back on the table.  So I did some research and played around with Legacy JsRT.  So far so good except that the JsRT is totally different from the old active script technology.  All the old engine states like "initialized", "connected" are gone.  So are the type library (we used for the "enums"), and the "SCRIPTITEM_GLOBALMEMBERS" concept (we used to inject our application dispatch interface so that its members can be used without qualification).   Anyway, I have managed to figure out ways to work around the issues.  As we still need to support Windows 7 (with IE11 installed), we most likely will go for the Legacy JsRT.  Well, I am just considering the possibility about using Edge JsRT in Windows 7 with the "Chakra.dll" (copied over), and accessing JsRT functions with LoadLibrary() and GetProAddress().  Is there anything there preventing me to do that?