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LightSwitch HTML Client Tutorial - Contoso Moving

This tutorial walks through building out the mobile client used by Contoso Movers’ planning specialists. This sample was created for Visual Studio 2012, but it will also upgrade and run in Visual Studio 2013.

VB.NET (6.3 MB)
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<ServiceConfiguration serviceName="ContosoMoving" xmlns="">
    <Role name="LightSwitchWebRole">
        <Instances count="1" />
            <!-- A value of true will enable diagnostic logging on the server -->
            <Setting name="Microsoft.LightSwitch.Trace.Enabled" value="false" />

            <!-- A value of true only lets local access to Trace.axd -->
            <Setting name="Microsoft.LightSwitch.Trace.LocalOnly" value="true" />

            <!-- The valid values for the trace level are: None, Error, Warning, Information, Verbose -->
            <Setting name="Microsoft.LightSwitch.Trace.Level" value="Information" />

            <!-- A value of true will indicate that logging sensitive information is okay -->
            <Setting name="Microsoft.LightSwitch.Trace.Sensitive" value="false" />

            <!-- The semi-colon separated list of categories that will be enabled at the specifed trace level -->
            <Setting name="Microsoft.LightSwitch.Trace.Categories" value="Microsoft.LightSwitch" />