LightSwitch HTML Client Tutorial - Contoso Moving

This tutorial walks through building out the mobile client used by Contoso Movers’ planning specialists. This sample was created for Visual Studio 2012, but it will also upgrade and run in Visual Studio 2013.

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Namespace LightSwitchApplication

    Public Class CreateSampleData

        Private Sub AddAll_Execute()
        End Sub

        Private Sub AddCustomers_Execute()
        End Sub

        Private Sub AddCustomers_CanExecute(ByRef result As Boolean)
            ' Make sure states have been added before trying to add customers
            result = States.Count >= 50
        End Sub

        Private Sub AddEmployees_Execute()
        End Sub

        Private Sub AddStates_Execute()
        End Sub

        Private Sub AddUsers_Execute()
        End Sub

        Private Sub AddUsers_CanExecute(ByRef result As Boolean)
            result = Application.User.HasPermission(Permissions.SecurityAdministration)
        End Sub

        Private Sub CreateAppointments_Execute()
        End Sub

        Private Sub CreateAppointments_CanExecute(ByRef result As Boolean)
            result = Me.Customers.Count > 0
        End Sub

        Private Sub CreateSampleAppointments()
            Dim count As Integer = 0
            Dim rand As New Random()
            For Each cust As Customer In Customers
                Dim newAppt As New Appointment()
                With newAppt
                    Select Case count Mod 5
                        Case 2
                            .MoveType = MoveTypeValues.Business
                        Case 3, 4
                            .MoveType = MoveTypeValues.Apartment
                        Case Else
                            .MoveType = MoveTypeValues.Residential
                    End Select
                    ' Choose a random time during the day that's within working hours
                    .StartDate = Today.AddHours(rand.Next(8) + 8)
                    ' Schedule appointments up to 30 days out
                    .StartDate = .StartDate.AddDays(rand.Next(30))

                    .Street = cust.Street
                    .StreetLine2 = cust.StreetLine2
                    .City = cust.City
                    .State = cust.State
                    .PostalCode = cust.PostalCode

                    Me.StartTime = .StartDate
                    Me.EndTime = .EndDate
                    .Employee = AvailableEmployees.FirstOrDefault()
                End With
                ' We need to save the new appointment now so we don't introduce conflicts in the employee assignment
                count += 1
        End Sub

        Private Sub InsertStates()
            Dim stateListing = AllStates.Split(";")
            For Each stateString As String In stateListing
                Dim stateToken = stateString.Split(":")
                Dim name = stateToken(0).Trim()
                Dim abbrv = stateToken(1).Trim()

                Dim existingState = (From s In DataWorkspace.ApplicationData.States Where s.Name = name Or s.Abbreviation = abbrv).SingleOrDefault()
                If (existingState Is Nothing) Then
                    Dim newState = Me.States.AddNew()
                    newState.Abbreviation = abbrv
                    newState.Name = name
                End If
        End Sub

        Private Sub InsertEmployees()
            For Each emp In AllEmployees.Split(";")
                Dim empToken = emp.Split(",")
                If (empToken.Length >= 5) Then
                    Dim existingEmployee = (From e In DataWorkspace.ApplicationData.Employees Where e.UserName = empToken(2)).SingleOrDefault()
                    If (existingEmployee Is Nothing) Then
                        Dim newEmployee = Employees.AddNew()
                        With newEmployee
                            .FirstName = empToken(0)
                            .LastName = empToken(1)
                            .UserName = empToken(2)
                            .Email = empToken(3)
                            .Phone = empToken(4)
                        End With
                    End If
                End If
        End Sub

        Private Sub InsertCustomers()
            Dim customerListing = AllCustomers.Split(";")
            For Each cust In customerListing
                Dim custToken = cust.Split(",")
                If (custToken.Length >= 9) Then
                    Dim existingCustomer = (From c In DataWorkspace.ApplicationData.Customers Where c.FirstName = custToken(0) And c.LastName = custToken(1)).SingleOrDefault()
                    If (existingCustomer Is Nothing) Then
                        Dim newCustomer = Customers.AddNew()
                        With newCustomer
                            .FirstName = custToken(0)
                            .LastName = custToken(1)
                            .Email = custToken(2)
                            .Phone = custToken(3)
                            .Street = custToken(4)
                            .StreetLine2 = custToken(5)
                            .City = custToken(6)
                            .PostalCode = custToken(7)
                            .State = (From s In DataWorkspace.ApplicationData.States Where s.Abbreviation = custToken(8)).SingleOrDefault()
                        End With
                    End If
                End If
        End Sub

        Private Sub AddSampleUsers()
            If (Application.User.HasPermission(SecurityAdministration)) Then
                For Each e In Employees
                    Dim existingUser = (From u In DataWorkspace.SecurityData.UserRegistrations Where u.UserName = e.UserName).SingleOrDefault()
                    If (existingUser Is Nothing) Then
                        Dim newUser = DataWorkspace.SecurityData.UserRegistrations.AddNew()
                        newUser.UserName = e.UserName
                        newUser.Password = "pass@word1"
                        newUser.FullName = e.FirstName + " " + e.LastName
                    End If
            End If
        End Sub

        Private Const AllStates As String = "Alabama: AL;Alaska: AK;Arizona: AZ;Arkansas: AR;California: CA;Colorado: CO;Connecticut: CT;Delaware: DE;Florida: FL;Georgia: GA;Hawaii: HI;Idaho: ID;Illinois: IL;Indiana: IN;Iowa: IA;Kansas: KS;Kentucky: KY;Louisiana: LA;Maine: ME;Maryland: MD;Massachusetts: MA;Michigan: MI;Minnesota: MN;Mississippi: MS;Missouri: MO;Montana: MT;Nebraska: NE;Nevada: NV;New Hampshire: NH;New Jersey: NJ;New Mexico: NM;New York: NY;North Carolina: NC;North Dakota: ND;Ohio: OH;Oklahoma: OK;Oregon: OR;Pennsylvania: PA;Rhode Island: RI;South Carolina: SC;South Dakota: SD;Tennessee: TN;Texas: TX;Utah: UT;Vermont: VT;Virginia: VA;Washington: WA;West Virginia: WV;Wisconsin: WI;Wyoming: WY"
        Private Const AllEmployees As String = "Terry,Adams,TAdams,,944-555-0148;Peter,Bankov,PBankov,,279-555-0130;Test,User,TestUser,,127-555-0124"
        Private Const AllCustomers As String = "Gustavo,Achong,,398-555-0132,1970 Napa Ct.,,Bothell,98011,WA;Kim,Akers,,747-555-0171,9833 Mt. Dias Blv.,,Bothell,98011,WA;Josh,Bailey,,334-555-0137,7484 Roundtree Drive,,Bothell,98011,WA;Rob,Cason,,599-555-0127,9539 Glenside Dr,,Bothell,98011,WA;Jan,Dryml,,500 555-0132,1226 Shoe St.,,Bothell,98011,WA;Daniel,Escapa,,991-555-0183,1399 Firestone Drive,,Bothell,98011,WA;William,Flash,,959-555-0151,5672 Hale Dr.,,Bothell,98011,WA;David,Galvin,,107-555-0138,6387 Scenic Avenue,,Bothell,98011,WA;Sidney,Higa,,158-555-0142,8713 Yosemite Ct.,,Bothell,98011,WA;Julia,Ilyina,,453-555-0165,250 Race Court,,Bothell,98011,WA;Darcy,Jayne,,554-555-0110,1318 Lasalle Street,,Bothell,98011,WA;Russell,King,,1 500 555-0198,5415 San Gabriel Dr.,,Bothell,98011,WA;Karin,Lamb,,678-555-0175,9265 La Paz,,Bothell,98011,WA;Bill,Malone,,571-555-0128,8157 W. Book,,Bothell,98011,WA;Mike,Nash,,440-555-0166,4912 La Vuelta,,Bothell,98011,WA;Tad,Orman,,1 500 555-0150,40 Ellis St.,,Bothell,98011,WA;Lori,Penor,,727-555-0115,6696 Anchor Drive,,Bothell,98011,WA;Privthi,Raj,,197-555-0143,1873 Lion Circle,,Bothell,98011,WA;Naoki,Sato,,492-555-0189,3148 Rose Street,,Bothell,98011,WA;Karen,Toh,,331-555-0162,6872 Thornwood Dr.,,Bothell,98011,WA;Sunil,Uppal,,968-555-0153,5747 Shirley Drive,,Bothell,98011,WA;Olya,Veselova,,845-555-0187,636 Vine Hill Way,,Portland,97205,OR;Tony,Wang,,115-555-0175,6657 Sand Pointe Lane,,Seattle,98104,WA;Joanna,Yuan,,226-555-0146,1902 Santa Cruz,,Bothell,98011,WA;Jason,Zander,,149-555-0113,793 Crawford Street,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Jim,Glynn,,556-555-0145,463 H Stagecoach Rd.,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Jane,Dow,,129-555-0110,5203 Virginia Lane,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Steve,Luper,,1 500 555-0139,4095 Cooper Dr.,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Paulo,Neves,,665-555-0198,6697 Ridge Park Drive,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Stig,Panduro,,818-555-0171,5669 Ironwood Way,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Kelly,Rollin,,1 500 555-0187,8192 Seagull Court,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Ben,Smith,,221-555-0167,5553 Cash Avenue,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Linda,Timm,,121-555-0157,7048 Laurel,,Kenmore,98028,WA;Colin,Wilcox,,234-555-0112,25 95th Ave NE,,Kenmore,98028,WA"

    End Class

End Namespace