Sending toast notifications from desktop apps sample

This sample demonstrates how a desktop app can display a toast notification and respond to events generated by the user's interaction (or lack of interaction) with the toast.

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  • Chaning Values / Update Values on an visible ToastNotification
    2 Posts | Last post June 15, 2018
    • Hey,
      I haven't found any example or way to be able to update an already showing ToastNotification.
      General Example would be a Progress Notification. Same goes for retrieving text from an userinput (textbox).
      If anyone has any Idea please let me know
    • in C++ btw, there are existing examples for C# but I can't find a similar way in C++.
      There is a IToastNotifier2 with an UpdateWithTag function but not sure how this should be used or created.
  • How to implement Progress UI and data binding inside toast notifications from desktop apps ?
    1 Posts | Last post November 27, 2017
    • New in Creators Update: In the most recent Windows 10 Creators Update, we added several exciting improvements and new features to toast notifications and Action Center. One of them is allowing developers to show an animated progress indicator inside their toast notifications to show the progress of an ongoing operation, such as file transfer, progress of completing a task, progress of a work-out session, etc.
      I knew how to  implement this feature that Progress UI and data binding  inside toast notifications   from UWP apps 
      However, I don't know how to  implement this feature that Progress UI and data binding  inside toast notifications  from desktop apps .
      like this:
    1 Posts | Last post October 13, 2017
  • How to get all action center notifications?
    1 Posts | Last post August 14, 2017
    • There are functions in IToastNotificationHistory2 . But how to use it?
  • Is it possible to load the png from an https server rather than from local hard drive
    1 Posts | Last post April 26, 2017
  • Dismissed toast goes to Action Center
    2 Posts | Last post February 23, 2016
    • Using this sample code (C++), the dismissed toast goes to the Action Center in Windows 10. Could you please suggest fix for the toast to be completely dismissed? 
    • In DesktopToastDismissedEventHandler: 
      ComPtr<IToastNotificationManagerStatics2> toastStatics;
      	hr = Windows::Foundation::GetActivationFactory(StringReferenceWrapper(RuntimeClass_Windows_UI_Notifications_ToastNotificationManager).Get(), &toastStatics);
      	if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
      		ComPtr<IToastNotificationHistory> history;
      		if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
      			hr = toastStatics->get_History(&history);
      			if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
      				hr = history->RemoveGroupWithId(StringReferenceWrapper(L"dismissable_toast").Get(), StringReferenceWrapper(AppId).Get());
  • Supress popup and Expiration time
    2 Posts | Last post February 23, 2016
    • Hello, 
      I have the same question as Kiran_Cheraku, regarding put_supresspopup. Also, could you please give working example of put_ExpirationTime? The parameter type is hard to figure out. 
      Thank you! 
    • ComPtr<IToastNotification> toast;
      hr = factory->CreateToastNotification(xml, &toast);
      if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
         ComPtr<IToastNotification2> toast2;
         hr = toast.As<IToastNotification2>(&toast2);
         if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
  • C# way of persisting and handling toast notification in Windows 10.
    1 Posts | Last post January 12, 2016
    • Is there any sample C# app which can demo how to send toast notification which will persist in Action Center?
  • How to Supress popup of Toast notification using WRL
    1 Posts | Last post November 20, 2015
    • Using WRL COM interface, How can we supress popup of a toast notification?
      In Windows.Ui.Notifications.h file, i see an interface called "IToastNotification2" which is providing a method "put_supresspopup". But There is no Activation factory for the run time class of this interface. 
      Can anyone suggest?
  • How to make the Toast notifications persistent in Action center
    1 Posts | Last post November 05, 2015
    • Using this sample to display the Toast notifications. But the Toast notification is disappearing from Action center after the time out. But I need it to be persisted until user responds to it. 
      Referred below msdn blog for making the Toast persistent in Action center:
      But after making the code changes (Adding COM server) to this sample app, the toast is being persisted in Action center but the Activated event is not working.
      Please suggest how to make Toast persistent in Action center from Win32 app and handling the activated event?
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