Solution Architecture WPF, Entity Framework Code First N-Tier Async await

Designing and Implementing End to End Soltuion Architecture using WPF, Entity Framework Code First N-Tier  Async/awaitLevel 1 Level 2

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  • Typos
    1 Posts | Last post July 19, 2015
    • Hi Balaji,
      I think your samples are very good for learning. As far as I am concerend: You did a great job. Unfortunatelly in your presentation for this sample are a few typos. They could prevent other users to dive deeper into the subject.
      1. I believe one should open the app.config file instead of the web.config.
      2.PDM.DataAccess : Layer contains the DbContext and DbModelBuilder logice ==> logic
      PDM.Domain.Mapper Layer: Contains the logic EntityConfugiration Fluetn ==> Fluent Api Implementaion.
      Further more for a beginner, as I am,in these techniques, it would be very helpful not only having a short description for all the projects, but the aim of all the different projects, or for further digging a link to (MS) resources. 
      With this sample you ship a SQL script for database creation. You should give the advice to execute this on an SQL-Server instance, and then change the connection string in the config file.
      It would be very nice to add some table inserts to it, so one has sample data from the beginning. As you store the pictures in the database as well, you could inset the lobs for them.
      Hopefully I am not annoying you. Feel free to delete this post.
      I am looking for diving into this solution and hope I will be learning a lot.