The Microsoft® Surface® Financial Services Sample Application shows retail bankers and customers working together exploring service options and wise monetary investments. Brochures and other objects interact with the screen to reveal customizable graphs, videos, and information specifically related to individual needs.

The release of
the Microsoft Surface Financial Services Code Sample, based on the aforementioned sample application, helps developers build upon and customize these experiences. Developers can now use the code to finish their own banking application or use it to springboard completely new application experiences.

The code sample demonstrates how 360° multiuser interaction and object recognition, like tags and blob size, enhances peoples’ enjoyment and understanding of products and services. Developers creating retail, hospitality, entertainment, and education experiences may find this code sample especially useful. Assets for creating tokens and mailers used with the code sample are also provided.

Note: The code sample defaults to British pounds (GBP) and can be set to USD via configuration file.

The Microsoft Surface 1.0 SP1 SDK is available to develop solutions for the Microsoft Surface 1.0 and can be downloaded from

For those interested in using the Surface SDK to create applications for Windows, but can’t wait for the release of the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK, please check out the Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta available at

Video of the Financial Services Code Sample can be viewed here:



credit and savings scenarios

tagged brochures and tokens to enhance the experience

about automobile loans