This sample demonstrates how a desktop app can display a toast notification and respond to events generated by the user's interaction (or lack of interaction) with the toast.

The sample shows the metrics involved in the following scenarios:

Note  The Windows Samples Gallery contains a variety of code samples that exercise the various new programming models, platforms, features, and components available in Windows 8.1 and/or Windows Server 2012 R2. These downloadable samples are provided as compressed ZIP files that contain a Visual Studio solution (SLN) file for the sample, along with the source files, assets, resources, and metadata necessary to successfully compile and run the sample. For more information about the programming models, platforms, languages, and APIs demonstrated in this sample, please refer to the guidance, tutorials, and reference topics provided in the Windows 8.1 documentation available in the Windows Developer Center. This sample is provided as-is in order to indicate or demonstrate the functionality of the programming models and feature APIs for Windows 8.1 and/or Windows Server 2012 R2. Please provide feedback on this sample!

To obtain an evaluation copy of Windows 8.1, go to Windows 8.1.

To obtain an evaluation copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, go to Visual Studio 2013.

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Operating system requirements

Windows 8.1
Windows Server 2012 R2

Build the sample

Important  This sample requires Visual Studio Professional 2012 or Visual Studio 2013 and won't compile in Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows.

  1. Start Visual Studio Professional 2012 or Visual Studio 2013 and select File > Open > Project/Solution.
  2. Go to the directory in which you unzipped the sample. Go to the directory named for the sample, and double-click the Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file.
  3. Press F7 (or F6 for Visual Studio 2013) or use Build > Build Solution to build the sample.

For C#: Before you build this sample, you must download and install the Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework. This provides a source code library that can be used to access some features of Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista from managed code.

Run the sample

To debug the app and then run it, press F5 or use Debug > Start Debugging. To run the app without debugging, press Ctrl+F5 or use Debug > Start Without Debugging.

How to use the sample

In the sample window, click the View Text Toast button. A sample toast notification appears on the screen.

As the user, there are three actions you can take:

The action you take will be displayed in the sample window to demonstrate the receipt of the event. In a real-world situation, your app would respond appropriately to each of these events.

Be aware that for a desktop app to be able to display toast notifications, that app must have a shortcut on the Start screen as this sample does. That shortcut must have an AppUserModelID.