Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.0 Samples

This samples pack contains all the official Windows Driver Kit code examples prepared for use with Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.0.

The sample pack provides a convenient way to download all the samples at once. The Windows Samples Gallery contains a variety of code samples that exercise the various new programming models, platforms, features, and components available in Windows 8 and/or Windows Server 2012. These downloadable samples are provided as compressed ZIP files that contain a Visual Studio solution (SLN) file for the sample, along with the source files, assets, resources, and metadata necessary to successfully compile and run the sample. For more information about the programming models, platforms, languages, and APIs demonstrated in this sample, please refer to the guidance, tutorials, and reference topics provided in the Windows 8 documentation available in the Windows Developer Center.

These samples are provided as-is in order to indicate or demonstrate the functionality of the programming models and feature APIs for Windows 8 and/or Windows Server 2012.

This pack may be very large and take some time to download.